Our Story


Picking up mementoes from souvenir shops.
Collecting trinkets on travels.
The idea of a permanent vacation.

As a child, I would set up shop at the water's edge during our summer holidays in Croatia. I would stand there for hours, cradling seashells until they were sold to passers-by for pocket money. My father took me with him at the crack of dawn to collect them, or wait for his fishermen friends to bring them back with their daily catch. To this day, memories of that first stand represent the purest essence of retail: generous and unburdened.

I still collect trinkets on my travels. I feel as if this imbues objects with a sense of place. The word 'souvenir' is as romantic as the traces they leave behind, but the brand philosophy is not about nostalgia. Interested in the future and working on small, limited edition runs, our props & wear underline the values of upcycling and sustainability.

The process of exchanging ideas with artisans is as important to me as the final product. After over two decades working in the fashion industry, it is this continuous creative dialogue that brings me joy. It is about what I feel is right and what I am most passionate about.  I would like to imagine that the items you collect from Souvenir Stand can accompany you on your journeys but also be carried through into everyday life, a permanent vacation.

The stand is as real in the virtual world as it is on the ground. Whether it pops up on tour or on a screen, the visit should always start with a smile. Feel free to look around.

— Nataša Čagalj, stand owner



One size approach, instilling gender and wear versatility, as well as reducing the need for overproduction.

Limited edition runs, locally made in London.

Vintage doilies upcycled into a series of a one-of-a-kind, contemporary shirts. Shirts made using finest deadstock Italian cotton fabric.